Why Reach2teach AFIT?

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Promotes Inclusion

AFIT is designed to help the inclusion of as many children as possible in mainstream education and thus minimise exclusions

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Recommends Actions

Recommends actions to support vulnerable children and checks if actions have made an impact for the child

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Powerful Reporting

Automatically generated dashboards provides a complete pupil profile to aid an overview that can be exported or printed

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Identifies Trends

Identifying trends enables early appropriate intervention

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Cross checks and correlates with the world-renowned The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

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Improves Communication

Essential document and information sharing securely & enables outside agencies to access and impart information within GDPR

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Saves Time

Simple and easy to use software, no more paper trails

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Chronology Building

Easy way to securely record information on a pupil in one place and in chronological order

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Mobile Compatible

Works on any web enabled device – easy for busy professionals to analyse and start early interventions from wherever they are in the school

Pupil transfer

GDPR compliant data transfer if a pupil moves school

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Data Import

Import data from Information Management Systems such as SIMS