How We Secure Your Data

Our systems are hosted on This allows us to provide a reliable service and keeps your data available whenever you need it. We have also established a disaster recovery site in another physical region.

Linode data centers employ leading physical and environmental security measures, resulting in highly resilient infrastructure. For more information about their security practices, see below:

Worldwide Data Centers | Global Infrastructure | Linode

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) Protection | Linode

Application Security implements a security oriented design in multiple layers, one of which is the application layer. The application is developed according to the OWASP Top 10 framework and all code is peer reviewed prior to deployment to production.

Infrastructure Security

Another layer of security is the infrastructure. AFIT is hosted across multiple Linodes. Furthermore, our infrastructure is protected using multiple layers of defence mechanisms, including:

Data Encryption encrypts all data.

External Security Audits and Penetration Tests

Independent third party assessments are crucial in order to get an accurate, unbiased understanding of your security posture. conducts penetration tests on an annual basis both in the application and in the infrastructure level using well-known, independent auditors.

Physical Security

No part of our infrastructure retained on-premise. Our physical security in the offices include personal identification based access control, CCTV and alarm systems.’s data centres are hosted on where leading physical security measures are employed.

Disaster Recovery and Backups is committed to providing continuous and uninterrupted service to all its customers. We consistently backup user data daily. All backups are stored on a separate system within the Linode data centre. Back ups are retained for data less than:

Our Disaster Recovery Plan is tested at least twice a year to assess its effectiveness and to keep the teams aligned with their responsibilities in case of a service interruption.

Access Control

We know the data you upload to is private and confidential. We regularly conduct user access reviews to ensure appropriate permissions are in place, in accordance with the least privilege principle. Employees have their access rights promptly modified upon change in employment.